StudioSDA gains unanimous planning consent approval for Green Belt replacement Dwelling | Chevron House

StudioSDA gains planning approval for replacement dwelling in the greenbelt, confirming StudioSDA as one of the leading green belt architectural expert studios in the United Kingdom. Over the past decade StudioSDA has gained over 50 approvals within the complex area of the green belt with some projects even rewriting planning policy and law within the green belt.

If you are looking to gain permission in the Green Belt it is of paramount importance you appoint an architectural studio that has experience in gaining such approvals as resubmissions and refusals can become costly in the long run.

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Building a New Home in the Countryside or Green Belt

Gaining permission for a new home on virgin green belt is under tighter control, but it’s not impossible to build where no man has built before. The rules surrounding building in the countryside are set out in Paragraph 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework, which requires special justification’ for isolated new rural homes. Agricultural Occupancy – which allows one-off homes for agricultural and forestry workers – is the main grounds for this.

However, both the need for and size of a new home, as well as the existing business, will be closely assessed – under functional and financial tests – before permission is granted. Once granted, an Agricultural Restriction (or Tie) will be applied, meaning that the new home can only be occupied by workers — unless the Restriction is removed.

Paragraph 55

Paragraph 55 allows scope for planning to be granted for new rural homes that are ‘truly outstanding and innovative.’ To achieve such a high level of design you’ll no doubt require the aid of a skilled designer. However, be prepared: high design can equate to higher build costs