Green Belt Architecture & Town Planning

Green belt planning permission

Planning applications in Green Belt locations can be particularly complex, challenging and largely dependent on what the application is for. SDA have been shown to have the ability, technical expertise and experience to gain successful planning consent on some extremely problematic and some what difficult Green Belt sites.

Existing Buildings

Residential homes within the Green Belt are allowed to be redeveloped, replaced or extended to a certain degree assuming certain design and planning criteria can be successfully met. At SDA we have a wealth of experience in this area and have assisted many clients to achieve exceptional redesigns and redevelopments beyond their expectations and aspirations of what they thought was possible. We have also successfully assisted clients where previous specialists have failed to achieve planning consent approval on a Green Belt site, where sometimes they have not understood and appreciated the sensitivity required.

New buildings

Green Belt and Safeguarded land plays an important role in preventing urban sprawl and as a result, and quite rightly, its development is strictly monitored and reviewed. However, this does not mean development is not possible, quite the contrary. SDA has had success in achieving planning permission on Green Belt sites for new build homes as a direct result of their respectful and technologically advanced designs.

Agricultural Buildings

Changes to legislation affecting permitted development rights and agricultural buildings have made it possible to extend or change the use of agricultural buildings assuming strict qualifying criteria can be proven. This has made change of use applications, such as barn conversions, more of a realistic opportunity for people who want to live in a rural setting.

Green Belt & Town Planning

At SDA, we feel our clients success in obtaining planning permission in sensitive areas such as the Green Belt and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) are greatly enhanced if the project is of the highest standard of design both in terms of its appearance and its performance.

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