Zero Carbon

Zero Carbon Architecture

It is widely accepted that our current demand for fossil fuels as our main energy source cannot be maintained indefinitely. The main user of energy is the construction industry in the creation of new homes and buildings and also in the continued use of these buildings that are created.

Reducing Demand

As a consequence we as users of homes and buildings have a huge role to play in reducing the demand for energy and by using more sustainable sources of energy. The problem is that there are so many different methods of achieving a sustainable new home or upgrading an existing home to be sustainable that it becomes increasingly confusing the more you read into it. For every good idea, system and methodology there seems to be another that suggests it is better, quicker and more sustainable. That is compounded further by the terminology used and definitions supplied such as Passiv Haus technologies, zero carbon and levelĀ 6 of the code for sustainable homes.

Sustainable Design

The essence of what suppliers of sustainable technologies and Government legislation are trying to achieve is credible. Essentially they are trying to create buildings that use less energy to construct and operate therefore reducing the initial and ongoing drain on non-renewable energy sources. We at SDA Architecture think this is an exciting area and given we specialise in the technology of architecture we are knowledgeable on the various different methods of achieving a sustainable home whether that is with a new build or adapting an existing property.

Technology of Architecture

We understand the different construction techniques and methodologies as well as the alternative technologies such as ground source heat pumps, solar PV systems, solar thermal systems, biomass systems, different insulation materials, energy efficient glazing, sustainable drainage and water, etc. The list of possibilities is endless but that in itself it what allows any project to be sustainably delivered no matter how unique the site is, what the budget is or where the site is located (e.g. in Green Belt). We at SDA enjoy a challenge, are always keen to help with sustainable projects and are happy share our previous experience with others.

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