CGI Visualisation

The need for Computer Generated Images (CGI) is becoming increasingly more important for designers to be able to accurately reflect their designs to clients, planners and the general public to allow them to visualise what the designs will look like when completed. They play a vital role in many areas of architecture such as concept design, planning applications, marketing imagery or when marketing a project for sale or raising finance.

CGI Visualisation & Planning Permission

SDA Architecture has the ability to use the latest in advanced computer software to create CGI’s that are difficult to distinguish from real photographs. This technology has played a pivotal role in recent contentious projects which were situated in the Green Belt, the 3D CGI’s allowed local residents, councillors and planners to see exactly what would be visible on the site once developed removing the potential problem of the schemes being inaccurately interpreted, which helps gain important local support for the projects which were particularly complex and challenging sites.

CGI Visualisation Marketing

The benefit of realistic CGI’s are that they can be created from 2D CAD drawings and can be used to demonstrate the interior or exterior appearance of a project in incredible detail. They can also be used to demonstrate accurately where light will fall and as a consequence which rooms are best placed for daylight or the impact a development may have on a neighbour in terms of overlooking, amenity, privacy and right to light.

SDA has been commissioned by many construction professionals to prepare CGI imagery for very prestigious developments. With many developments been able to be successfully sold off plan highlighting what a powerful tool CGI’s realistic imagery is.

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