SDA nominated Finalist in 2015 Northern Design Awards for Architectural Design Concept

SDA Nominated for Architectural Design Concept

Katie and Simon Lewis-Pierpoint Directors and Husband and Wife team of SDA Architecture are delighted to announce that their latest Green belt project Goosefoot Barn has been short-listed as a finalist at this years 2015 Northern Design Awards for Architectural Design Concept.

“We are really pleased that our small company is being recognised for the architecture that we produce especially the commissions we receive within the Green belt as this is a real passion for us both.” We are excited for the 30th October 2015 and to attend the Albert Docks to be a part of the prestigious Northern Design Awards for 2015 for the first time.

We are having an overwhelming success and acknowledgement from our piers in the architecture industry this year with nominations for our works at both local and national award levels for our architecture work. Like with most normal families for the past few years our family life has taken priority, but over the past year we have really began to focus on SDA and our architecture and we really feel the recognition we have received in 2015 has been beyond our expectations.”

For our work to be short-listed and recognised by the judges is really special the likes of George Clarke, Ian Hemmingway and Linda Barker to name just a few is really special to Katie and I. The category is full of truly amazing architecture concepts and we feel very privileged to be among the quality in this year Northern Design Awards 2015.

So what is Goosefoot Barn… “This particularly, concept took over two years to finalise and after months of sketching and visiting the site to review and examine the context and topography we created the concept for Goosefoot Barn. The concept is of a hay barn structure which is found in close proximity to the site combined with the latest sustainable technologies and the rear partial subterranean living spaces is where the exceptional architectural design has been designed nestled within the flowing brook and woodlands.”