What is the future of housing in the UK? | A thought provoking piece….

The future of housing in the UK is an interesting prospect. Our current traditional methods of construction are under fire not only for the slow, poor detailed and weather effected processes but also for the environmental impact of the materials used.

There are ‘new’ sustainable techniques that are currently very popular and provide a modernisation of older traditional techniques such as timber frame construction and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). These techniques are quicker and less effected by our climate and temperamental weather conditions so:

• Why are we not jumping on them as a nation?
• Why are we not building houses on a mass scale using these products, systems and techniques?
• Is it a skills shortage in our construction work force that prevents this mass production or is it our British attitude that change and progress needs to be slow and painful?

Or is it that actually we want to turn the future of housing on its head? As a nation we are obsessed with becoming homeowners, much more than most European countries where renting is a preferred option.

But what if we were land owners instead of just a home owner?

What if the future of housing is that we buy a plot and our house is designed to it and if you wish to move you simply bring your house with you to your new plot? If your circumstances change, as they so often do, you have additions or extensions designed to your existing home that can also move with you or be removed at a point that you want to down size?

What if your home could truly reflect where you were in your own life cycle in terms of your taste, style, functional requirements and be truly personal to you. What if this is the future of housing, architecture and homebuilding in this country? Food for thought….

Author: Director – Katie Lewis-Pierpoint Find out more about Katie (click past Simon) if you would like to discuss the future of housing or your own development contact us.