Putting the Art back into Architecture | Making a good first impression to Planning

Why its so important make a good first impression

You may or may not know but Planning is a form of law. Planning decisions are subject to interpretation and emotive responses in the same way as the testimony of defendants. Of course, we all have planning policy documents and precedents to guide the decisions that are made, but the truth is that most applications go into the system subject to the responses of consultees and decision-makers within Local Authorities and Government Consultants.

Which is why the presentation of the planning application is extremley important. We spend an alarming amount of my time looking at planning applications and I’m struck by the generally poor quality of submissions that have been submitted. Basic plans, of course, but much more, limited amounts of information, supporting statements that are far from compelling and much more. I’d like to think we have taken a different approach. One of the reasons we chose our designers here at SDA, is we have the ability to hand-drawn beautiful plans and concepts that make a applicaiton for planning more like art. These drawings are hardly part of the design detail, and I’m sure most builders enjoy a smile when they are first presented by them.

But these hand drawn designs do have purpose and in order to illicit a simple, hopefully pleasing response when the planners first set eyes on them, they can recognise that here at SDA we care about the home’s appearance, and aesthetics are as important to us as they are them. A carefully worded, concise but informative supporting statement accompanied the raft of elevations and drawings; all with the intention of making the job of the planners easier, eliminating the need for guesswork and helping them understand, as we do, that our new home will be an enhancement to our local surroundings.

In planning – as with many things in life – first impressions count.