Georgian House | Bolton

Category: Private Client
Services Provided: Concept Design, Local Authority Planning Consent
Location: Heaton, Bolton, Lancashire

Urban Redevelopment – Georgian House:

Georgian House is a new build residential architectural design for a private dwelling in Heaton, Bolton. The original site had an existing traditional home with extensive gardens, to which planning permission had been granted to include two further more modern homes within the gardens. Our client purchased the site to create their dream home with a passion for traditional classical architectural styles such as Georgian they commissioned us to create a home of traditional proportions and architectural influence that embrace modern building technology.

After many weeks of studying Georgian architecture we embark and embraced the opportunity of designing a home of real elegance, we study matrix historic elevations, room proportions, massing and scale along with an intense research of traditional crafts and building techniques so that this new build home once completed would be refined and equal to the architectural merit in which it was trying to embrace.

Working hand in hand with the local planning authority and conservation officers we produced a property of exquisite detail that exceeded our client expectations and gain planning consent approval on its first attempt. The mature site and extensive tree preservation orders set within the landscape needed to be carefully considered not to harm tree roots during the redevelopment of the site. With this we worked extensively with our appointed arborist which allowed us to design this large home without compromise or undermining any of the existing trees and landscape.

This executive 6 bedroom mansion with its traditional form, scale and massing has been elegantly combined with contemporary architectural styles and extravagant interiors to create a home of real stature.

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