Stable House | Rochdale

Category: Private Client
Services Provided: Concept Design, Local Authority Planning Consent
Location: Birtle, Lancashire

Residential Green Belt – Stable House:

Stable House is a architectural design of traditional form and massing that has an elegant blend of contemporary architectural design that has been carefully consider to only use existing openings in the existing building to create this unique exclusive residential home. Located within an area of green belt in Birtle, Lancashire we were commissioned to design and create a rural home with traditional values such as in keeping materials, however allowing hints of contemporary architecture. The design for the replacement dwelling maintains exactly the same exterior profile allowing us to utilise the proportions of the original stable building. With exceptional views over three counties to the rear importance was placed on creating large apertures of glazing to allow the new home to embrace natural light, solar gains and most importantly enable our client to enjoy the spectacular views.

Designed to take homage from the Farm houses that surround the proposed dwelling the use of appropriate scale and materials allow the proposal to rest seamlessly in its setting, providing no hint that the home is not part of the original farm stead. Intelligent interior architectural design has allowed us to create floor plans that provide interest, multi-levelled spaces, atriums and formal and informal spaces that exceed our client aspirations for the project, combine this with our proven track record in designing and gaining approvals within the Green Belt we feel this home sensitively embraces its setting and elegantly considers its topography.

Stable House was fortunate to have been perfectly orientated within the existing site to allow our clients an expansive south facing facade, this considered approach to design allows private areas to be located to the rear taking advantage of the existing expansive backdrop and sun path, the use of considered private and secluded spaces allow our clients the opportunity to enjoy the setting more intimately.

This unique and exceptional home has been designed as a piece of rural 21st century architecture that will hopefully be timeless due to its carefully thought-out relationship to the site and its context as a whole.

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