Riverbank House | Turton

Category: Private Client
Services Provided: Concept Design, Local Authority Planning Consent
Location: Turton, Lancashire

Replacement Dwelling – Riverbank House:

Riverbank House is a 4 bedroom pavilion inspired home comprising of 3 separate pavilion buildings of different scale and size combined to create a unique one-off home set within a spectacular setting against Bradshaw Brook that creates drama and interest to the site. The architectural approach to Riverbank was to prepare a home that utilised a natural material palette to connect to the setting and neighbour properties but was reinvented in its form and design to create a contemporary and highly sustainable replacement dwelling.

As part of the design development we calculated the current homes volume and square feet area to determine the extent of redevelopment opportunity, with our aim to design the replacement dwelling within the volume of the original dwelling-house.

The design follows a simple but considered collection of floor plans that have specific use allowing both intimate and open spaces to be combined. The new home had to maintain the unique interaction the many ramblers who currently pass the site, to do this we have develop architectural transparency within the design allowing this unique interaction to continue by means of raised verandas and glazed entrance link.

This type of carefully considered and intelligent understanding of architectural spaces allows a natural freedom within the spaces whether relaxing, training in the pool or entertaining with friends. This combination of delicate yet direct architectural interior design allows movement within the home both internally and externally allowing Riverbank House to connect to its setting without compromise.

The use of materials that are found within the streetscene allows Riverbank to reinvent itself as a modern interruption but somehow seem appropriate within the its urban and woodland setting, the use of natural high quality material preserves the architectural quality of the replacement home, allows the property to talk to the setting in which it stands, providing an effortless connection between solid form and the topography.

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