Interior Design | Hale, Cheshire

Interior Design | Hale, Cheshire

Category: Private Client
Services Provided: Interior design – Room Schemes, Colour Consultations, space planning, Bespoke Furniture Design & Soft Furnishing Consultations
Location: Chorley, Lancashire

The ‘Hale’ Interior Design Project Description:

A spectacular home deserves exquisite interiors. How a home is dressed is a reflection of the personality of the people who occupy it, and different areas within the house need to reflect different moods and uses. This whole house renovation is a classic example of how modern interior design can be blended seamlessly with traditional period features.

SDA worked with this client to ensure that the quality of the interiors was second to none but was still hardy enough to function as a family home. Relaxing family areas were created with soft, natural tone furnishings and colour schemes. Furniture was hard wearing but stylish, making it practical for life alongside young children. A 3D feature wall was included into the family area which adds an element of fun whilst maintaining modernism and focus.

Bespoke custom made furniture and artwork was also a feature in this interior scheme. One design piece that SDA was commissioned to complete was a copper light for the dining area. This light was designed to be a blend of the industrial steel beams that were a feature in the room and the delicate light that was required for dinner parties. The red rope flex adds a splash of contrasting colour to the scene and draws the eye to the feature light.
The slick modern kitchen is bright, airy and functional for everyday use. The symmetry created in the kitchen wall units provides balance to the room and the large open space is clearly defined into living, dining and kitchen zones. This kitchen has featured in Real Homes Magazine in 2015 as an example of effortless style.

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