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Mount Pleasant Farm

Category: Private Client
Services Provided: Feasibility, Concept, Appraisal, Local Authority Representation, Green Belt Planning Consent & CGI Photo-realistic Imagery
Location: Birtle, Rochdale, Lancashire

Green Belt New Build Residence – Mount Pleasant Farm:

This spectacular property started life as a typical farmhouse with a number of attached outbuildings and stables. Our clients purchased the property and were dismayed to find out from the local authority that they could only extend the property by 30% due to it being in Green Belt. They contacted us and explained that their dream was to create a fully sustainable and largely self-sufficient new 4 bedroom home but maintain the rustic farmhouse feel.

With this in mind SDA dedicated themselves to finding the best sustainable technologies to make this dream a reality. The final design is largely ‘off-grid’ with its own natural water supply from a spring, ground source heat pump, photovoltaic slates, a biomass back up boiler, log burners and Passiv Haus construction methods.

The technologies mean that the home can function efficiently and reach the zero carbon criteria required with Green Belt development but the real success of this project is the beauty in the design. The area and volume of the new home is less than what is on the existing site. The existing stone materials have been reused, the wood, glazing, and natural sedum roof all reflect materials in the surrounding area. The glazing allows pano-ramic views over the open countryside as well as providing solar gain. The design itself received unanimous support from the local authority and even celebrity architect George Clarke, host of Channel 4’s Restoration Man, commented that the design was ‘brilliant’.


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