Floating House | Bolton

Category: Private Client
Services Provided: Concept Design, Local Authority Planning Consent
Location: Bolton, Lancashire


Residential Super Prime Home – Floating House:

Floating House is the pinnacle of contemporary design, located within Lostock in the heart of Bolton Lancashire. this 7,800sqft super home, intelligently design to span the entire width of its quarry setting, elevating our clients some 5m into the landscape allowing a unique experience of living within the ancient trees that surround the quarry embankment and providing an unique appreciation of the unique site and topography.

Designed to take homage from the sedimentary rock layers floating house has been designed to stack in layers that present a 3 dimensional form embracing cantilevered, floating and solid elements allowing this unique and very special home to enhance and relate the site setting in which it resides.

Floating House has been perfectly orientated within the site to allow our clients an expansive south facing garden, this super contemporary design allows private areas to be located to the rear of the site taking advantage of the quarry as the backdrop, these more private and secluded spaces allow our clients the opportunity to enjoy the quarry setting more intimately.

This unique and exceptional home has been designed as a piece of architecture that will hopefully be timeless due to its carefully thought out relationship to the site and its context as a whole. Floating House is already a finalist in this years Northern Design Awards for Best Residential Architecture Awards identifying the quality of the design prepared by StudioSDA.

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