Fernstone House | Chorley

Category: Private Client
Services Provided: RIBA Works Stages 0-4
Location: Chorley, Lancashire

Property Renovation and Modernisation – Fernstone House:

Fernstone House was originally a poorly functional 6 bedroom semi-detached dwelling that had been extended and alter significantly over many years, which had developed into a home that had no identity or functionality and require full house reinvention.

StudioSDA were instructed initially to advise our clients on whether the property had the opportunity to be reinvented into a bespoke executive family home prior to our clients committing to the purchase. StudioSDA reviewed the property and provided expert architectural advice on how the property could be enhanced and remodelled.

As our clients knew the area well, they understood that the plot and location was perfect for the as a growing family, but needed assurances that the property could be altered and modernised to create their forever home.

Throughout our unique design process StudioSDA evolved the property, evaluating every single space considerately in conjunction with the clients project brief requirements. During feasibility and conceptual stages we decided even though the property was a semi-detached dwelling to try with intelligent architecture to provide the illusion that the property was detached. We intensively redesigned the floor plans both ground and first floor, removed both staircases and reinstated a more functional staircase in a new location, relocated the sense of arrival, created multiple double height atrium spaces, developed visual and acoustic links between floors and completely reinvented the architecture quality of the exterior of the home.

During the reinvention of the property we gain planning consents for a double garage with gymnasium along with an expansive glazed link to connect the garage to the reorganised property, along with a smaller infill extension to the rear allowing a much more functional and open floor plan space to the rear. The inclusion of new material facade treatments and expansive statement glazed features allow Fernhouse to be unrecongnisable from it past.

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