Heritage & Listed Buildings

For listed properties, obtaining Listed Building Consent in addition to full planning permission may be necessary. This requires a greater liaison between local conservation officers to produce a highly detailed design. All partners at SDA Architecture Ltd can take you through this process to assist you in lovingly repairing and restoring with careful detail and expertise.

As custodians when embarking on restoring, conserving or repairing a listed building, whether it be grade 1, grade 2*, or grade 2 built before the 1700’s particular care needs to be used with extensive knowledge of techniques and construction methods to safeguard these buildings when brought back to life in the twenty-first century.

Conservation and Heritage

Many residential projects occur in conservation areas and require a greater sensitivity to the surrounding buildings. We have extensive experience of this and can respect the unique nature of the area without necessarily mimicking a historical style or house type.

For further information on listed buildings, please click the link or contact us on 01257 441 512 for a detailed consultation.

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